Alimuom: Filipino’s Bold Take on Sci-Fi (Film Review)

Alimuom, a film directed by Director Keith Sicat and was an entry to the 3rd TOFARM Festival, is a Filipino's bold take on sci-fi. In contrast to Filipino comedy / superhero sci-fi films, Alimuom tackles issues more seriously. Although the film is futuristic, the film feels realistic. With the status of our world's pollution, it … Continue reading Alimuom: Filipino’s Bold Take on Sci-Fi (Film Review)


Exes Baggage: Realizations and Problems Couples Face

I watched Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino's comeback film "Exes Baggage" and I realized some of the problems that couples face today. Here are some of my realizations of the common problems couples face together with some lines and quotations from the film. Here are some feels from Car-Gel’s Exes Baggage!

There’s More to Wat Pho Other Than the Reclining Buddha: Travel Guide

Wat Pho is famous for its long and golden reclining buddha but you have probably wondered what to see inside Wat Pho other than the reclining buddha. We shared this blog as a travel guide and to share our experiences in Wat Pho. You can read more about what the history of Wat Pho is and a few background about the things you can see inside Wat Pho beside the famous reclining buddha. We also included how to get to Wat Pho, where to eat, what to wear and some travel tips.